Adams Telephone Endorses $5,000 FRS Grant for Central CUSD#3

Golden, IL— The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) recently named Central CUSD#3 as a recipient of its 2020 grant in support of advancing quality of life and enabling economic development in rural America. The $5,000 award allows the district to expand educational technology.

Pam Leffringhouse, Adams Schools and Libraries Coordinator, originated the grant application process with Rob Scheiter, IT Support and Computer Science Educator at Central, to seek funding for the district project. The award will allow Central CUSD#3 to purchase equipment for the MakerSpace Lab that will enable students, teachers, and members of the community to acquire 21st century skills through hands-on experience with new technologies, design and build things in a collaborative environment, and acquire the skills necessary to prepare them for STE(A)M related higher education and careers.

Jim Broemmer, CEO, states, “Adams greatly prides itself on supporting our local, rural libraries and schools that assist our cooperative members, non-members and those residents in the communities we serve. It was our distinct pleasure to initiate this grant application process with the Central school district, and we are so happy that they were chosen as a recipient. Area children will benefit from this award for several years to come. Their futures as well as their career paths will be shaped because of it.”

Only 23 other institutions across the nation were chosen to receive similar grants from the FRS. “Especially during the ongoing pandemic, the work or projects these grant recipients are going to accomplish will make a significant impact in their communities,” said FRS Executive Director Pam Becker. “It is more important than ever before to expand telemedicine options and ensure that students have access to technology.”

Pictured (l to r): Shelly Cramer, Central Technology Coordinator; Pam Leffringhouse, Adams Schools and Library Coordinator; Jim Broemmer, Adams Chief Executive Officer; Rob Scheiter, Central IT Support and Computer Science Educator; and Erica Smith, Central Superintendent.

Written by Lori Miller