Adams Fiber Announces Plans for Two More Communities

Adams Fiber is pleased to announce that it is now accepting sign ups from residents in both Liberty and Payson. Whichever town reaches their signup goal the fastest will be the first to enjoy fiber optic Internet, telephone and TV service. Adams offers four affordable packages with speed options up to a Gigabit – one of the most sought after Internet connections in the entire country. Residents are encouraged to pre-register at to take advantage of special pricing and a limited time opportunity to Lock in Your Price for Life.

Both Liberty and Payson schools will also be receiving Fiber Internet services from Adams Fiber.  Adams has been helping our local schools and libraries for almost 20 years to obtain affordable telecommunication services through the schools and libraries universal service support program, commonly referred to as E-Rate. Through this program, a school or library has the option to submit a funding request for a specific E-rate supported service, such as broadband Internet. Both schools received new E-Rate funding and will be connecting with Fiber this summer.

Adams Fiber infrastructure in Edgeout areas exceeded over 110 miles of fiber just this past year to a total of over 360 miles of fiber. Adams began their first fiber-to-the-home initiative in 2007 in Camp Point and Clayton.  Adams expanded into its Cooperative exchanges in 2009.  In 2014, fiber Internet access and phone service launched in Quincy. Over 20 Adams Fiberhoods in Quincy are already in service, with customers now enjoying Internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps from a local provider.

Adams Fiber TV is also available in all of Adams areas and is also being offered to Liberty and Payson residents. Hundreds of high-definition channels are available in addition to whole home DVR so you can record and watch from any connected room. Packages start at $33.65 per month.

Adams has nearly 65 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, providing telephone, television, and broadband Internet services in places where there was previously little or no coverage. Adams understands the importance of investing in our communities to improve quality of life and to further economic development.

Written by Bridgette Northern