Tech Support

Technical Support

LiveChat Phone or Cable TV Technical Support
Phone: 611 (if calling from an Adams phone line) or 217-696-4611
Toll Free: 877-696-4611

Internet Technical Support
Toll Free: 877-502-3267
Hours: 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, including holidays

Adams Experts Support
Phone:  217-222-0045

Email Support
Toll Free: 877-502-3267
Hours: 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, including holidays

Email Support

IMPORTANT: If you have not set up your password security, you may do so here.

Incoming Servers

POP Server Settings:

  • Server:
  • Port: 995
  • SSL: Enabled
  • Username:
IMAP Server Settings:

  • Server:
  • Port: 993
  • SSL: Enabled
  • Username:

Outgoing Server

SMTP Server Settings:

  • Server:
  • Port: 465
  • SSL: Enabled
  • Username:
    User/Pass Authentication Required

Contacts and Calendars Client Settings

CalDAV Server Settings:

  • Server:
  • Username:
CarDAV Server Settings:

  • Server:
  • Username:

Webmail Guidelines

  • Limit of 120 messages per two minutes.
  • Limit of 400 total messages per hour (additional messages can be sent but they will be queued for the next hour)
  • Sending of social security numbers, credit cards and bank routing numbers is prevented.
  • Sending Size limit of 20mbs (this can be lower for some file types due to encoding process’s)
  • Attachments of the following type are restricted: asd, bat, cab, chm, com, cpl, dll, exe, hlp, hta, inf, lnk, msi, msp, nws, ocx, pif, reg, scr, sct, shb, shs, vbe, vbs, wsc, wsf, wsh

Webmail FAQs– Learn how to use your webmail as well as common questions on terminology and user interface.

If you suspect your email password has been compromised call us immediately to have it changed.  Our Help Desk is available 24 hours at 877-502-3267. You will be required to verify your identity.

DNS Settings

Standard DNS Servers

  • Primary: – 
  • Secondary: –

Extra DNS Servers

  • –
  • –
  • –


Augusta 217-392-2571
Barry 217-335-2039
Baylis 217-285-9821
Bluffs 217-754-3138
Bowen 217-392-2571
Camp Point 217-593-6817
Chambersburg 217-327-4371
Clayton 217-894-7197
Coatsburg 217-936-2651
Columbus 217-224-3491
Fishhook 217-338-4351
Fowler 217-224-3491
Golden 217-696-4651
Griggsville 217-833-2792
Hersman 217-289-3451
Kinderhook 217-432-5538
Liberty 217-224-3491
Lima 217-936-2651
Loraine 217-936-2651
Mendon 217-936-2651
Meredosia 217-584-1967
Meyer 217-936-2651
Milton 217-285-9821
Mindale 217-696-4651
Mt. Sterling 217-773-3902
New Canton 217-335-2039
New Salem 217-285-9821
Paloma 217-936-2651
Payson 217-224-3491
Pittsfield 217-285-9821
Pearl 217-285-9821
Pleasant Hill 217-734-2880
Plymouth 217-392-2571
Quincy 217-224-3491
Quincy Alternate 217-214-3491
Rockport 217-734-2880
Timewell 217-773-3902
Ursa 217-936-2651
Versailles 217-225-3705


West Quincy 217-214-3491

DNS Servers
Primary: –
Secondary: –

Users who can use more than two nameservers may wish to also list these as well:

Secondary: –
Secondary: –
Secondary: –

Disclaimer: Adams NetWorks™ is not responsible for fees or charges incurred by your long distance company due to incorrect dial up numbers entered in error.