Adams Telephone Co-Operative holds 64th Annual Meeting of Members

Golden, IL — Adams Telephone Co-Operative held its 64th Annual Meeting of Members on September 14, 2016 at their Cooperative headquarters in Golden. Over 700 people were in attendance and enjoyed an evening of family fun. The night included a meal prepared by the Mendon Lions, business meeting, giveaways, and the unique opportunity for members to connect with their Cooperative.

At the business meeting, members heard updates about Adams’ operations and reelected Rich Denny to represent Augusta and Mindale exchanges, Bob Leenerts to represent the Golden exchange, and Dennis Cornwell to represent the Meyer and Ursa exchanges.

Adams Telephone Co-Operative’s commitment to serving its members with fiber was highlighted in the joint President and Chief Executive Officer’s report. Jim Broemmer, Chief Executive Officer, reported that the Cooperative now has 768 miles of fiber serving 1,830 members with broadband Internet in its 13 exchanges. Broemmer reported, “67% of members are served by fiber, a 7% increase since that year.” Broemmer also stated, “Our fiber infrastructure in our Edgeout areas has continued to grow, and we have added 110 miles of fiber this past year to total 360 miles of fiber outside of our Cooperative exchanges.”

Bill Scranton, President, shared with the membership that legislative support is critical as the Federal Communications Commission has been developing a new 10-year plan that affects the Cooperative’s revenue and support. Scranton advised, “This plan may be the last opportunity to make a sizeable investment in our Cooperative, and if positive, our goal is to have our Cooperative’s fiber installations completed by 2027.”

Members enjoyed visiting an Adams Fiber TV display to learn about quality video entertainment services delivered right though our fiber connection to their homes. Adams Fiber TV offers a variety of channels and TV options from sports to movies, music and more with packages beginning at less than $40 a month.  Members also had a chance to ask Adams Experts employees computer related questions as well as test and purchase a custom AE Advantage PC, starting at $650. At a Paperless Billing display, members could sign up for a SmartHub online billing account to automate payments. A Fiber Engineering display allowed members to learn more about future build-out plans, the equipment in their home that connects to fiber, experience an interactive floorplan, and maximize their Wi-Fi signal.

Three area youth were also recognized at the Annual Meeting of Members for their achievements. Unity High School graduate, Kayden Miller, received the Adams Telephone Co-Operative $500 College Scholarship. Winners of Adams “Youth to Washington” program, Amber Shupe of Ursa and Emma Hildebrand of Mendon, reported on their week-long trip to our nation’s capital sponsored by Adams.

Written by Lori Miller