Wireless Fair Access Policy

This policy is applicable to users on our fixed wireless network as deployed in the towns and areas of Barry, Baylis, Bowen, Camp Point, Canton, MO, Carthage, Clayton, Fowler, Griggsville, Hannibal, Hersman, Hull, Kinderhook, Lake Shore Hills, Liberty, Mt Sterling, New Canton, Palmyra, Payson, Perry, Pittsfield, Plainville, Timewell, Quincy, Versailles, Warsaw, West Quincy as well as new sites Adams NetWorks, Inc. deploys in the future.

Due to the shared nature of wireless connectivity, the actions of Adams NetWorks customers affect the connectivity and performance of the neighboring customers serviced from the same tower. While Adams NetWorks makes significant efforts to ensure that all wireless customers receive equal minimum bandwidth allocations, there is the possibility that neighboring customers may capitalize on the available bandwidth. To limit this possibility, this Wireless Fair Access Policy (WFAP) has been enacted.

Internet usage and patterns have changed drastically over time. With the increase of streaming video (i.e. Netflix video streaming) and other applications, our wireless systems are being utilized and taxed more and more each day.

Exceeding Data Allocation
Adams NetWorks allocates a maximum threshold of bandwidth for each subscriber on its wireless network. This bandwidth may only be used for reasonable amounts of time necessary to complete retrieval of email, web pages, articles, etc. Continuously using the bandwidth allocated to download large files, send large emails, or watch video streams for long periods of time is not acceptable and may affect the performance of other wireless customers. Adams NetWorks may take action against customers capitalizing on available bandwidth as defined below.

Acceptable Usage
Residential Adams NetWorks wireless subscribers may not use their wireless connections to run programs or servers that provide network content or connectivity to any 3rd party not at the location where the connection is installed. Examples of prohibited programs include, but are not limited to, mail servers, FTP servers, web servers, game servers, and proxy servers. Adams NetWorks reminds its customers that illegally distributing copyrighted material over any medium is against U.S. law.

Commercial Adams NetWorks wireless subscribers may host one (1) email and/or one (1) web server for the sole use of that organization. These servers may not be used to host other services through the wireless connection or host email or web services for other organizations.

Residential Adams NetWorks wireless subscribers may not resell or otherwise charge others for the use of their wireless connection. This service is for recreational, residential, personal use only and may not be used for operation of an Internet Service Provider. Commercial wireless customers are held to these same restrictions and may not use their Adams NetWorks wireless service for hosting services of any kind other than those defined above.

All Adams NetWorks customers are held to the terms of our High Speed Terms and Conditions.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Applications
P2P refers to certain applications that enable files and program sharing between groups of people logged on to a P2P network. Because they use uploads and downloads and are often left running 24/7, they consume significant bandwidth, even when being used by just a small number of customers.

Because some P2P traffic is not time-critical, e.g., downloading and uploading TV programs or movies for later viewing, we treat P2P traffic differently from time-critical traffic (such as surfing, streaming or internet telephony) and apply speed restrictions to all P2P traffic.

You can still use P2P services, but downloads will take longer during the peak times.

During the hours of 7am to 11pm, the data usage of subscribers on our wireless networks is evaluated every half hour. Users who consume large amounts of data will have their available bandwidth reduced for the following half hour to 384Kbps. The bandwidth will continue to be constrained for this subscriber until data usage falls below the threshold.

Thresholds range from 60MB-105MB per half hour depending on the subscriber’s data package.

Service Class 



Value 60 MB 75 MB
Select 75 MB 90 MB
Pro 90 MB 105 MB


File/activity type 

Approximate size 

Text Email 4 KB
Web page 320KB
Digital photo 1-10 MB
Music track 4MB
2 hr Netflix Movie 1.8GB
2hr Netflix High Definition Movie 3-4GB

Adams reserves the right to change this policy at any time at which time the new policy will supersede the current policy.