Co-Op Month

Let’s Celebrate

October is Co-Op Month and a time to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of member-owned companies across America. As a co-op, Adams doesn’t have to answer to faraway shareholders. Instead, we focus on meeting the needs of our local members and building connections within our communities.

To celebrate Co-Op Month and show our appreciation to our members, we will hold a drawing for a $70 bill credit each day, Monday through Friday, during the month of October 2022.

Members are automatically entered and winners will be posted here daily and on the Adams Telephone Co-Operative Members Only Facebook Group.

Join our Members Only Facebook Group for other miscellaneous contest announcements throughout the month.

Daily Bill Credit Winners*

Week 1
Monday, October 3 – Joe Workman of Mt. Sterling, IL
Tuesday, October 4 – Dan Althoff of LaPrairie, IL
Wednesday, October 5 – Donald & Barbara Grist of LaPrairie, IL
Thursday, October 6 – Curtis & Susie Eddington of Augusta, IL
Friday, October 7 – James & Rhonda Roberts of Plymouth, IL

Week 2
Monday, October 10 – Eric Bristow or Mendon, IL
Tuesday, October 11 – Stephanie Sparks of LaPrairie, IL
Wednesday, October 12 – Doug & Pam Curtis of Coastburg, IL
Thursday, October 13 – Bruce & Alycia Wittler of Mendon, IL
Friday, October 14 – Mitchell Cosgrove of Golden, IL

Week 3
Monday, October 17 – Rock & Joan Weeks of Mendon, IL
Tuesday, October 18 – Melissa Baum of Ursa, IL
Wednesday, October 19 – Connie Job of Golden, IL
Thursday, October 20 – Ron & Sharon Eberle of Ursa, IL
Friday, October 21 – Evelyn Thomas of Mt. Sterling, IL

*Bill Credits will be automatically applied to November bills.