Adams VIP Hosted UC Features

Hosted Features

Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling
Unlimited local and long distance calling is included in your Adams VIP monthly fee.

Unlimited International
Unlimited calling to hundrends of calling codes in 22 countries is included in your Adams VIP monthly fee.

Desktop Sharing
Share your computer desktop with anyone signed into your meeting—both internal and external users.

Web Collaboration
Using our Adams VIPresent Now application, you can chat, share content, and host virtual meetings—with internal and external users.

Unlimited Audio Conferencing
With your Adams VIP conference bridge, you can talk with up to 15 people at once, as often as you like.

As part of instant messaging, this lets others know if you’re busy, available or offline, and see the presence of your co-workers.

Integrated Mobility
Turns any mobile phone into a business phone (and a lot more).

Call Forwarding
When you can’t answer (or don’t want to), your caller will be directed to the right place.

Gives you full control of your outgoing messages, as well as sending incoming voicemail directly to your email as an audio file.

Speed Dial
Lets you dial favorite or frequently called numbers with just one or two digits.

Shared Call Appearance
Lets you see which lines are busy.

Extension to Extension Calls
Lets you make internal calls using extensions instead of phone numbers.

Account Features

Basic Auto Attendant
Music on Hold
Hunt Group
Main Company Phone Number
Corporate Directory
Customer Administration Portal
Advanced Call Management
Call Control
Customer Support

Expanded Feature List

Incoming Calls
Outgoing Calls
Call Control
Call Handling
Call Management
Caller ID via Device

Add-Ons Available

Hosted Fax
Fax Line
Call Recording
Virtual Extensions
Virtual Numbers
Audio Conference Bridge
Auto Attendant
Toll Free Numbers