Adams Notify

Automate calls to your customers

Adams Notify is an automated messaging service that takes the hassle out of making multiple calls or texts to a group of people. One phone call can reach many people at once.

Whether the message is a non-payment notice, a pending service disruption, or a PTA meeting reminder, Adams Notify is idea for delivering the message.

Simply configure a list of numbers to call, record an announcement, and the service will begin calling and delivering the message. You can monitor the current status, including number of successful deliveries, failures, and remaining calls. When the job is complete, you will receive an emailed report informing you of the final status of each call.

It’s easy to manage your Adams Notify Plus service using the Web Portal.

Contact a Business Development Sales Representative for more information on pricing and availability.

*Products and services differ by market. Please call 217-214-8708 for details.