Mailbox Viewer

End your problems with large file attachments and unwanted "junk" mail by using this free program for checking the contents of your mailbox BEFORE you open your mail program.

JBMail is a program free for individual use that will let you selectively delete e-mail from our server before downloading. Especially helpful if you frequently get (sometimes unwanted) attachments or subscribe to newslists and get a lot of daily messages and they've accumulated over time. Also handy when your e-mail program seems to "freeze" on messages sent without "reply to" or "subject" information.

Another feature -- you can preview, read and delete messages and never even have to open your mail program. (This does not work well with attachments -- you can't view them -- but it will let you save them!) With the new version released in February 2002, you can filter out messages with certain content, and you can even send messages!

Click on this link to download:

Save the file to your desktop.

After saving on the Desktop, double-click on the program icon.

Press "Next" and then "Install" and the program will be installed to C:\Program Files\JBMail

Click on "Close" and a shortcut will be on your desktop.

Now double-click on the shortcut on your desktop and enter the information as shown here -- when finished click "Save".

Now you can enter your e-mail login and password in the appropriate locations and press "Connect".

You will see the contents of your mailbox at Adams.

As you can see, this user has received a lot of "junk" mail. By clicking on the column headings, the mail can be sorted. Here it is sorted by "From". You can sort by any of the columns.

While holding down the "Control" key, you can use your mouse to highlight the e-mails that you wish to delete. Press the "Delete" button, then "Save and Exit" and then those e-mails are removed from the server.

The "Help" item on each will give you more details on using this great program, including the new filtering options.

Thanks to the programs' author, Jem Berkes, for continuing to allow us to make it available to you directly from our web site.