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Webmail FAQs

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Q:  What is Webmail?
A:  Webmail is a convenient way to check your Adams email account from any computer with Internet access and a compatible web browser.

Q:  I can’t log in and I keep getting redirected to a log in page.
A:  You should check the following:

  • Clear the Temporary Internet files (or cache) from your browser.
  • Clear cookies in your browser.
  • Review and/or clear ‘saved’ form and password information.
  • Review your browser security settings to make sure it is not blocking cookies or popups from any ‘’ address.
  • Check any security programs to make sure they are not blocking cookies or popups for any ‘’ site.

Webmail uses cookies to keep your session active and authenticated when you are connected to it. This allows it to ‘refresh’ your Inbox while you are connected. If cookies are being blocked you will have trouble logging in.

Q:  Am I restricted to how many people I can send a message to?
A:  To prevent abuse of the system (spamming) you will be restricted to sending a message to 25 recipients per message. You may also be limited in the number of multi-recipient messages you can send within a short period of time.

If you have a large group of messages to send (i.e. club members, etc) you should consider using a PC-based mail client like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc. for managing these mailings.

Q:  What is the ‘purge’ link next to the Trash folder?
A:  This link will appear after you delete message from the various viewing windows. This is a reminder to ‘empty’ the Trash, remove them from the system, and free up space on your account.

Q:  I need to delete a lot of messages or folders. How can I speed up the process?
A:  You should disable the Trash folder. First do a ‘purge’ of the Trash. Then go to the Folders Preferences settings under the options. Choose ‘Special Folder Options – Trash Folder’ and change the setting to ‘Do Not Use Trash’. This will delete messages immediately without moving them to the Trash.

Q:  What is the ‘Folder Sizes’ link in the left pane?
A:  This link will allow you to see how much space on the mail server is being used by messages that you have saved or not deleted yet. This information is also available on the page that displays when clicking the ‘Folders’ link at the top of the screen. You should pay close attention to the size of the ‘Drafts’ and ‘Trash’ folders.

Q:  Why do I see ‘This image has been removed for security reasons’ in some messages?
A:  To protect you from ‘visit tracking’ of the attempt by malicious mailers to try to put links to unsafe webpages in the email, links to content from other websites are blocked. By clicking on the “view unsafe images’ link you can allow these to be displayed.

Q:  Why do I see a blank page when trying to send messages with large attachments?
A:   Creating (or forwarding) messages with large attachments requires that the file(s) be transferred to the WebMail process creating the message to be sent. This may take some time (and if the size is larger than 7MB, may fail). If you regularly receive or send messages with large attachments, we strongly recommend that you use a regular desktop-based mail client like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or Thunderbird and reserve use of the Webmail program for only checking mail when you are away from your desktop computer. If you use the IMAP method with the desktop mail client (rather than the POP3), you can access and manage all the folders that you see in the Webmail interface.

Q:  When viewing my Inbox there is a link for ‘Thread view’. What does this do?
A:   Thread view will attempt to group messages with the same Subject together – if you have an ongoing dialog where the subject line is the same, the messages can be grouped together. Depending on the size of your inbox this may be helpful (or with a lot of messages may be too slow).

Q:  I was composing a message but needed to save a draft. After opening it back up, I can’t edit it. How do I edit a draft message?
A:   After opening a message in the Draft folder, there will be a link at the top of the page for ‘Resume Draft’. This will allow you to continue editing the message. If you save this version as a draft again, the previous version, before you began your edits, will be moved to the Trash. If you continue editing and saving drafts, you will have multiple version stored in the Trash.

Q:  Can I bookmark a shorter link to Enhanced Webmail?
A:   Yes, you can use